Third Time is the Charm!

A couple weeks ago I did my third Vendor Booth for MaryKay! It was so much fun and the best one yet!

It was located at the Alexandria Fairgrounds in Kentucky. 

The gates opened at 7 am so it was a very early morning, but we had loads of people come through. You name it and it was probably there.

Sales were steady early but truly picked up around 10 am. We then died off around 1, which was understandable with all the other events going on in and around town that weekend.

I made friends with my neighbors and even got the business card for the lady next to me that makes custom quote shirts and bags (wedding gifts for the bridesmaids??!) I even got to try some new food. If you ever get the chance, you should totally try a goetta dog! It’s like a hot dog but made of goetta!

I cannot wait for my next Booth! It’s not until July, but it’s in southern Kentucky by Mammouth Cave and my little family is going to make it a mini weekend getaway! We’re planning to rent a cabin and take Little Man with us!


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